Sunday, October 9, 2011

always count the change

i guess i’m compelled to type keys on a keyboard.  i’m home.  i’m looking around, in somewhat of a daze....the days went by fast, the days went by slow, but the days went by.  i smelled them, i tasted them, i touched them, i reached out and tried to hold on to some....some shiny thing i wanted, some treasure i wanted for keeps.  coffee came as i suspected......the bag of ground goodness i stashed in the freezer and the creamer cups from The Epic Day of gaming (or at least the epically long one....)  the back door refuses to unlock for me, though the seasons have changed the rays of sun and there is a perfect peak of shade around the booming credibility of william’s sworn stories of hard work and care.  a bit more effort would find me the key to the gate and the long way around, but i guess i’ve had enough of that for now.  there is a “wad of money on the coffee table” from the epic endeavors of a show in small town kansas, which was counted last night and excitingly exceeded the income from my kick off show in exactly one dollar.  always count the change.