Thursday, December 1, 2011

can life really sometimes be best described by a list of the things around you?  eggnog coffee in my favorite mug, kristin allen-zito's "the atlas"serenading the now empty house, the soft hum of the heater when i should really just put socks on.  my upper body is as sore as it's ever been (except the time i was certain i had a broken rib it hurt so bad) from painting a whole house the last few days with a brush instead of my favorite roller (boss's wishes :)  my mama is on her way to austin as we speak, to embark on a road trip to atlanta, GA where we will learn to be empowered and shape our businesses just the way we want.  but before that happens i need to cut a hole in the wall to hopefully find and fix the leak in the bedroom window frame.  someone's gonna have to do it, so why not me?

i've been wondering lately when i might actually start to feel like an adult.  i know that word can have some negative connotations to it (ha! :) but i mean it in the sense that i will no longer feel like i'm 29 going on fourteen.  fourteen was awkward, and frustrating, and i was anxious to grow up because i thought i'd grow out of it.  ha ha ha....ha.. ha ha......right.  so here i am, training myself to see ME a little differently, because really, i am what i see myself as.  (so THAT'S what the whole "i think, therefore i am" thing really means!)

make everything brand new.  it's hard but possible.  and as long as something is changing, you're going forward.  don't worry about how small the steps might be.  just steer the ship.

i'm off to cut that hole in the wall now.