July 25, 2013: Cactus Cafe and December Recording

"A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer; it sings because it has a song." ~Lou Holtz


Oh boy it's hot out there.....whenever I'm home I can't help looking out the window and seeing my chickens panting, to which I respond with ice rescue missions all day.  Totally worth it to give their little feet a cool bath and have them drink water from my hand.....mama swoon....

I know it's been a while, thanks for still being there!  I've been traveling and touring back at my home away from home in Washington and finally having a little down time with my sweetie before he goes off on a 6 week adventure!  We're both planning to write many amazing songs during that time......ok, just songs, but hopefully they'll be worth a listen! ;)

I've got some cool MUSIC news and some cool PHOTO news!

1) I'm very pleased to announce that I'll be opening a show for Danny Schmidt at the Cactus Cafe in Austin on Saturday, August 3rd.  Danny is one of my absolute favorites, and if you don't know him you really ought to.  Tickets for that show available HERE!

2) It looks like recording of the NEW ALBUM will begin in December!  I've been waiting for what feels like forever for this to fall into a place, and a plan, that felt comfortable and I think I've finally gotten there......I'll keep you posted with more details as they form, and keep your eyes and ears out for a KICKSTARTER VIDEO in the coming weeks.....

3) I have signed a contract for four of my photos to be printed--large and abundant--in an upscale Austin hotel!  Giddy, that's me...

I hope this finds everyone well, whatever that means for each of you.  For myself it means creative and happy, feasting on fresh eggs and chard from the backyard, a song in my head and a song in my heart.



May 8, 2013: The Best Day of My Life

Greetings from Texas!

I've just had a really, really wonderful birthday, full of love and gratitude for all of the amazing people (and freakin' sweet new Goodwill dress :) that helped make it so.  I have yet to answer the question, but the first time someone asks me how old I am and the answer is 31...well, it’s gonna be a little weird.  You gotta understand that the baby of five older brothers never gets to be THIRTY-ONE....yet somehow, here I am.  

I’m planning to make this a really big year, full of many of those “someday” dreams that I’m just going to make happen.  Because I want to.  And because, for the first time in my life, I really feel able.  Growing can be scary because we don’t want to look at and admit to all the things we don’t know, and there is so much I don’t know.  But the great news is that I’m surrounded by extraordinary people who have learned the things I want to learn,  who are doing the things I want to do, and who are so generous in their willingness to help me. 

If you'd like to read more about The Best Day of My Life head over to my blog, but please check out this month's show dates first :)

May 11th:

Will and I are both playing the Wunderlich House Concert Series in North Austin, with Griffin Swank.  We LOVE playing house shows and are really excited to be a part of this series.  Check out their site for directions, RSVP encouraged.
Show time: 7:00pm
Suggested Donation: $20

May 26th:
The Parish Underground is hosting a night with myself, traveling duo Genna & Jesse, Austin's Leah Nobel and returning Austinite Kit Nelson.  It will be Kit's first show back and is guaranteed to be memorable!
214 E. Sixth St.  Austin, TX
Show time: 9:00pm (my slot is 10-11pm)

I've got some June dates on the calendar for the Northwest, you'll be hearing about that a little later.

If you haven't liked my Facebook page yet it could be a lovely late birthday present if you'd hop on over and give it a good ol' celebratory click :)

Y'all are wonderful, and I wish you an extraordinary day.

Love and Gratitude,


April 18, 2013: A Strange Kind of Blessing

“Who are we but the stories we tell ourselves, about ourselves, and believe?” 
― Scott TurowOrdinary Heroes

So last month my purse was stolen out of my car, along with the stereo for the second time.  The stereo? big deal, except the fact that my sweetie had bought it for me as a replacement for the last one.  The purse?....well, a whole identity is in a wallet, and not only was my wallet was in there, so was my camera, which is one half of my business.  That felt really bad.  

I had gotten the bag at a street market in Austria.  The camera was a Christmas gift (from the same sweet boy who had gotten me the stereo).  There’s such an overwhelming sense of disbelief.  Things that went with you wherever you went, paying for groceries, getting beers at the bar, documenting your life, that your hands touched every single day, can’t gone...can they? 
(To hear about amazing friends and my new camera, head THIS WAY to by blog!)
In other news, though we were not selected for New Folk this year, we are super happy for all of the folks who did, many of whom are friends that we know and love.  I think we run in talented circles!  :)  This weekend I'm off to Old Settlers, the highlight of which for me will be Justin Townes Earle, whom I have not seen since I played with him three or four years ago.  (Hopefully I can keep my starstruck foot out of my mouth this time...wish me luck!)
In other SUPER cool news, three of my photos have been selected to be printed, like, HUGE for the lobby and room decor of an Austin hotel.  I'm terribly excited about this, and can't wait to take ridiculously cheesy photos of me in front of them.
Take a peek if you'd like to see which ones were chosen!
Thanks for still being there, even when I'm out of touch for a while....thanks for many things :)
Love and Gratitude,

March 14, 2013: SXSBest!

Ok, I just thought of that terrible pun now.  You must forgive me :)

It's been busy, busy, busy!  Though I must say the coolest thing about the last week was walking into the county clerk's office and officially registering Let That Songbird Go as my business!  Music, photography and any other creative endeavors I may undergo....I had never felt so grown up in my whole life!  I guess it has to happen sometime ;)

Just a couple shows to tell y'all about:

3/15: @ In.gredients, 4:30pm with William Wallace

3/15: North by N.Lamar Santorini Cafe Showcase, 8:00pm with William Wallace

We just saw Josh Ritter in Dallas and are floored to play some music!  Love that man :)

Hope y'all are doing well.



March 4, 2013: "Will You Think of Me" Single and Upcoming Shows 

Once, when I was feeling down on myself about my accomplishments in life, or lack thereof at the time, I remembered someone who’s life I had profoundly changed.  And it was a new friend, a very recent experience that I was still in the thick of, and it was a huge shift for me.  

There are marks to be made on this world, absolutely, but they don’t always involve winning awards, or getting a certain number of likes on your Facebook page or selling X amount of copies of your new record, or, heaven forbid, winning a Grammy.  These things are great, and we shouldn’t stop working towards what we want, but in the end it’s all about the people whom we have walked beside, maybe for a mile, maybe for a day, maybe just long enough for a story and a smile, maybe ‘til the very end of that long, long road....
Click HERE to continue reading my weely blog update :)
I had a great show with Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin on Saturday at the Austin Acoustical Cafe.  It's an amazing feeling to be watching one of your favorite song-writers on stage telling an audience that you're one of their favorite was pretty great.  Love those guys.  I have a few more pre-SXSW shows in Austin this week, check out the Full Calendar for that.  
And in response to a fan request, I made my song "Will You Think of Me" available as a single.  You can find that, as well as anything else I have recorded HERE!  :)  

Love and Gratitude,


February 21, 2013: A Long and Precious Road

I'm doing things a little differently now, sending out a weekly email with a link to the week's featured photo and article written about my experiences and things that matter to me.  People don't always make their journey transparent, just the milestones they've hit, and I want to be able to offer that.  It's really valuable, to know that other people are going through the same things we are.

And, COOL THING OF THE WEEK: I did a photoshoot this week for an awesome Austin duo called The Sparrowmakers.  Thais and Wilson are wondeful songwriters and people, aaaaaaaaand their website looks pretty great ;)

Love and Gratitude,


February 14, 2013: Live at the Black Dog and Shit in a Pot

 "One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple."  ~Jack Kerouak

It's easy to forget about simplicity, when there are simply so many Things out there....things to do, things to have, things to experience, things to write, things to sing, things to feel.  The vast importance of quiet moments can get lost in there, even if you're like me and "sit quietly and do nothing" is a Thing on the to-do list alongside "clean the chicken coop" and "make a new record."  Nothing is, in fact, a very powerful thing.

I really should be writing to y'all more often, because even when there isn't a lot to "report" musically, I've got a lot of other cool stuff going on that I shouldn't hold back for fear that you only want to hear about my career progress.  For example:

I've got a Photography Shop that has got me all kinds of giddy, especially now that I have launched my Song Lyric Art, combining two of my favorite things: words and pictures, and I'm working on getting my first photo show going in Austin.  I can't wait! 

I've got a cooking blog called Shit in a Pot, about creatively and cheaply cooking with what you've got (I'm not totally anti-recipe.....they just give me slight panic attacks! ;)  

I've got a weekly blog that talks very honestly about things I feel could stand to be talked about a little more; life, self esteem, bad days, feeling good and letting the Universe help you out.  In the age of the internet, image is such an illusive and powerful thing.  We're always taught to put our best foot forward, never let 'em see you down, present yourself in the best light you can, but who knows what (or who) is real anymore?  I am who I am, and I that's what I want to share with people.

So cool, there's all that out of the way.  Now I do have some music news as well :)

*I recently released a live record from my show at the Black Dog in Snoqualmie last summer, available on Bandcamp.  There's a special bonus track included in the download, as well as cool deals on photography from my shop!  Many thanks to Jay Pinto for the work he did to make the tunes available.

*Though I didn't make it to the finals, I did make the top 100 out of roughly 3,500 entries to play the Outlaw Roadshow SXSW showcase.  You guys were amazing with your support, thank you!

*I've just confirmed an opening slot for Danny Schmidt and Carrie Elkin at the Austin Acoustical Cafe at 7:00pm on March 2nd.  Two of my favorite singers, songwriters, and people in Austin.  (Have I mentioned how much I enjoy my life here?  :)

I will leave you with your photo link of the week: "The answer is always right here."

Much love and gratitude,


January 23, 2013: Can you help me get a SXSW showcase?  

Quote of the Day: "The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best."  ~Henry Van Dyke

As I type this my sweetie is upstairs printing out New Folk submission forms for us.  It's our first time submitting and we're really excited!  Coffee is brewing, I slept rather well, the chickens are feathery......all is well at Castle Wallace this fine morning :)

So, THE BIG NEWS!  I'm also very excited to announce that I made it to the top 100 from more than 2000 submissions to play the Outlaw Roadshow with Adam Duritz and Ryan Spaulding during Interactive Week at SXSW!  This is awesome!  The first week of February the gents will be reviewing the top 10 submissions and YOU can help!  The selection process is not voter based, but it is voter influenced...they don't need to see that someone has 100,000 fans, but they want to see that someone is supported by the fans they have.

Folks can go to my video link and click "SUPPORT."  If you have a computer you can click to support through Zazoo, or if you just have a mobile device you can click to share the video on your timeline.  Two clicks, that's it!  

This would be a fantastic opportunity, and, as always, I am so grateful for your support :)

Today.....let's be happy :)



January 1, 2012  A Beautiful Start to a Beautiful Year

Well well well, what have we here?
A beautiful start to a beautiful year.

I do believe with all my heart that there is only one direction life can go, and that the nature of the universe is to be better and better all the time.  There is no limit to how happy we can be.  No need to hold back for fear that we're going to use all of it up, or hit the peak of the hill just to roll down the other side to our bored and unhappy demise.  Sometimes I worry that I'm running out.  Sometimes I worry that the world is running out.  Of what?  Of resources, of creativity, of new ideas, of general Good Things.  For every good song that is written that's one less good song in the pot.  For every creative endeavor that's one less thing that can be discovered.  Isn't it?  

I spent much of last year working my way out of that mindset.  And thank God, 'cause it sure was a heavy thing to carry.  I began to feel a bit ashamed that I would ever accuse the Universe of being anything less than infinite.  I began to feel tremendously excited and humbled to think of how many things people think of to create and then never do.  What if?  What if everybody created everything they ever dreamed of creating?  That is what joyfully calls me into this year.

I vow this year to be kinder to myself.  
I vow to judge less and give more.
I vow to do more of what I love and less of what I don't. 
I vow to let go of everything, and know I cannot keep something that was never meant to stay.
I vow to breathe. 
I vow to look in the mirror often and say, "Shawnee, you can do it.  And Shawnee, I love you."
I vow to live more and hesitate less.
I vow to be happier than I've ever been.

And since I can't figure out how to attach any photos on here for you, I'll send you to this one:

Do not be afraid....Fly!

December 10, 2012  New Folk Competition and Holiday Photo Sale!

Holiday greetings y'all!

I've just returned from an amazing songwriter retreat at a hot springs in west Texas, cutting up romance novels and playing around campfires with Danny Schmidt, John Elliott, J Wagner, Rebecca Loebe and several other of my favorite songwriters and people.  I fell just a TAD in love with the desert....and my GOD do I need more nighttime skies like that in my life!

It's finally getting a bit cold here in Austin....I've been doting over my chickens and worrying about the weather, but the internet assures me they'll be JUST fine :)  All mamas like to hear things like that!

In other news, submissions for the Kerrville New Folk Competition are open and I'm super excited for both my sweetie and I to be entering for the first time this year!  We've both run into the small challenge of coming up with two combined songs that clock in under 8 minutes....(we like words.....lots and lots of words.... ;) but we're gettin it!

I've also been hard at work promoting my photopraphy shop, LetThatSongbirdGo Photography, which is still one of the coolest things I've done.  I just love it and I've got a BIG HOLIDAY SALE going on right now!  You can use the promo code "SONGBIRD1225" to receive 25% off ALL my listed prices, PLUS awesome shipping deals through the end of December.  Shopping made easy, great!  :)

Thank you for the continued love and support, it means the world to me.



October 26, 2012: Photography Shop Launched!

at 12:30 last night i finally pushed that button and launched my photography shop!  woo woo!  it feels SOOOOOO good to have that up and running.  no more damns in the creative's flowing cool and clear, and with some vigor!  etsy is a fantastic site, and really makes it easy for folks like myself to feel giddy and professional (maybe we are?...... ;)

my shop can be found at:


June 2012  Lullabies Kickstarter Campaign and IMR Honorable Mention

i have returned home from my first time at the kerrville folk festival with wide open eyes and a wide open heart.  there's a good reason why they say "welcome home."  :)  home, indeed!  i'm excited for new friends, new musical opportunities and new inspiration.

first off i am really excited about the lullabies album i am involved in with the lovely and talented alyse black.  we have been in the studio for a couple of months and it's really sounding fantastic.  a kickstarter campaign has just been launched to put the finishing touches on it and get it out the door.  i really can't wait to have my own copy, and am super excited for others to have theirs!  please check out the story told (and sung ;) around a campfire at: 

secondly, i made Indie Music Reviewer's honorable mention list for top indie acoustic artists of 2012!  :)

thirdly, i am heading back out on the road in late july, making my way up to the good ol' northwest for a few weeks with family and friends.  please check out my tour schedule, and if anyone is interested in hosting a house concert or has ideas of venues where i would be an awesome fit, please let me know :)

and lastly will and i are playing a few austin shows the remainder of this month and would love to see any and all of y'all's pretty faces that we can :)

thank you so much for all you do; i could not do this without you.  i know we all say that, but that's because it's TRUE!  :)

much love and gratitude,


April 2012  IMC Awards!
greetings, greetings!

we're home from three weeks of wool coats in europe and i must say i'm enjoying this good old texas as it may get in the next month or so!  we were supposed to have hit 100 already yesterday, and i suppose i MAY have lived here long enough now that i didn't actually notice.  oh life is funny...... :)

i just wanted to tell y'all about the Indie Music Channel Awards coming up this sunday, april 29th.  i was nominated for best folk song with The Very Best of Me and best music video under $5000 for Be My Valentine!  I'm not able to attend the event 'cause i'll be backing up the Cute, Smart and TalentedAlyse Black at the ND theater that night, but i hear it will be livestreamed.

stay tuned for the follow up on that, AND for more songs to soon be available for your listening pleasure....because i have the recording bug and YOU GUYS are awesome and i want to share!  Bandcamp has been really good to artists and makes it easy to make songs available that aren't part of a full album.  i approve!  if there are any songs you would like to have recordings of please let me know :)  

love and gratitude,


March 12, 2012  SXSW Shows!
 i'm back home in austin just in time for SXSW after a wonderful (but cold!) trip to connecticut.  thanks to everyone who came out to the Black Sheep Ranch to share a night with Sarah Blacker and i!  an amazing and memorable evening for sure!  :)

the schedule for this week (as of yet!) is as follows:  (*=my showcases!  :)

      Tue, March 13th @ 7:30pm ~ Rustys ~backing up Alyse Black and band 
     Wed, March 14th @ 7pm ~ Fuel ~backing up Alyse Black and band
    *Thurs, March 15th @ 2:30pm ~ Fair Bean Coffee*   
    *Fri, March 16th @ 6:00pm ~ House Wine w/ William Wallace*    
     Sat, March 17th @ 1pm ~ Stompin' Grounds ~backing up Alyse Black and band
     *Sat. March 17th @ 5:00pm ~ Stompin' Grounds w/ William Wallace*

i hope to see some of y'all amidst the beautifully musical chaos!  wait, chaotically beautiful, musically chaotic beauty!  hmmmmmm, whichever :)

blessings and gratitude,


March 5, 2012  Show at the Black Sheep Ranch

greetings y'all!

i touched down in connecticut with snow on the ground and oh my gosh i am cold!  i'm still denying that texas did that to me, but of course all the northeasterners say it's so :)

i just wanted to tell y'all that i'm playing a house show at the Black Sheep Ranch in clinton, CT this coming saturday, march 10th.  i'm sharing the stage with Sarah Blacker, and am really excited about it!  this show was booked a long time ago, and i remember wondering where i might be in march of 2012....(NO idea i'd be where i am, but boy am i glad ;)

after that it's straight back to austin for SXSW!  i will post a schedule in the near coming days (i do realize there are not that many left! :)  

cheers (and warmth!),


February 14, 2012  Happy Valentine's Day (Video :)!

 hey y'all!

i know it's just another day, but sometimes it's a bit fun to rise to the occasion :)

just wanted to share my newest whimsical creation, made by my dear friend
Daisy O'Connor and i.  

it's called
Be My Valentine, and i think it's pretty swell!  :)

please have a watch and a smile, and pass them both on!

with love (on this day and all days :)


February 2, 2012  Goals for 2012!

happy new year everyone!

it’s gonna be a good one, i can feel it.....doesn’t it just seem like people are getting clearer about what they want and where they want to be?  we’re getting more on track, and down to business!  the business of joy and fulfillment, of course :)  the rest is just details.

my friend Karen Chisholm sent out and email recently highlighting her goals for this year, and what she’s doing to fulfill them.  i thought that was pretty awesome, and i thought i would follow suite and share a few of my own.  after all, if i have dreams to make come true, what better people to share them with than YOU!  my wonderful fans and amazing human beings :)  if anyone has any suggestions or ideas for me, please please please reach out and let me know!  i will be so happy :)

i’ve been fortunate enough to have TWO of this year’s goals already come true, which is super encouraging!  my
"Gube’s Halloween” video passed the 10,000 view mark last week, and Misty Flowers’ new cd “Love Lives Here” was delivered to my door with my song “Come to Bed” on it.  both awesome!  SO!

Goal #1: to open a show for Josh Ritter!

josh has risen (very quickly!) to the very tops of my musical fancy this last year, and is one of the nicest people on the face of the planet.  AND i think he would really dig what i can do!  (i’ve been told he’s not touring this year, but the connection and plan could still be made :)

Goal #2: to get a song into film or tv

i’ve had some promising leads so far and Will is being super supportive with his time and his studio.  we’ve been able to make some really good stuff, and it’s just a matter of time now.....feeling really good about this one!  :)

Goal #3: to sell photographs!

i will keep the number in mind to myself, but photography is becoming a bigger and bigger part of my life and i’m really excited to continue on with it.  i have prints for sale on my
website, and have launched a super stream on my flickr site of the austin music scene and my Photos of the Day that i began at the start of the year.

i’ll leave it at that for now, but i do want to give a proud little plug for my sweetie’s debut ep that he recorded over christmas break!  it’s called “The Lives of Saint Germain” and is a fine, fine set of songs that i happily had in my head for a few solid weeks (The Stars My Destination is my favorite..... :)  take a listen

as always, live well, be happy, and thank you.



December 26, 2012  A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words

 ok, sure, a thousand words, but probably only one song...

regardless!  i know i have done just about zilch to promote my photography, and that just ain't right!  ;)

photography is nothing but pure joy and magic for me.  it's different from music in that i feel my ego is entirely "out of the picture" so to speak :)  it's all about being a witness, to more than just a place and time, but an experience, a breath, a miracle.  i can stumble upon a tiny mushroom in my front yard and feel like the luckiest person in the world to be the only one who really saw it.  it's not about creation; it's just about being there.  and once something has been captured: whew!  you don't ever have to stress about capturing it again :)   not that i EVER stress about re-capturing songs......uh uh no way not me! ;)

i have some of my best and favorites up on my blogpage, for your viewing, and also purchasing, pleasure (if something strikes your fancy!)  please take a peek
HERE!  i really would love to share :)

love and gratitude,


December 23, 2012  Happy Holidays!

hello, hello!

i hope no one is tired of holiday greetings yet....just another excuse to bid our fellow folks well wishes :)  believe it or not i've barely heard any christmas music yet, and i'm kind of missing it!  i must not be shopping in enough malls i reckon....

for as long as i can remember, every time i had the chance to wish for something, be it a birthday or a shooting star (or 11:11 :) it's always been pretty much the same thing.  and i have no trouble saying it out loud (i don't really go for that secret wish stuff....) but i do wish i had a way to say it in the form of a positive, rather than "don't" let that "thing-that-i-don't-want" rule my life kind of thing.  and now coming on the start of a new year (i know it's always the start of a new year! ;) is as good a time as any to wish it again, and believe like hell that it's mine to make come true with every breath i take.

just a few things to report as we come stumbling onto the christmas weekend (ready or not!):

i'm back from a fantastic weekend of shows with
Alyse Black at Chelsea Wine Bar in Houston and Frank in Nacogdoches.  (which i just spelled all on my own.....)  it was a trip to remember for sure!  Rockstar Bootcamp.  sign me up :)

Misty Flowers' new album "Love Lives Here" has been pre-released in Bellingham as of today and it includes my song "Come to Bed," done absolutely magically!  it's a dream come true for me to have one of my songs recorded, and misty was just the gal to do it :)

also one of my songs got into the hands of a major television network (because networks have hands, right?) which i'm uber excited about!  i can't say which one yet.....but
Matthew Gray Gubler here i come!  :)

AND Austin Skyline is now available at Waterloo Records in Austin!  i've seen it :)

january is shaping up to be busy; i will post a schedule when it settles.  in the meantime i'm gearing up for a christmas with my sweetie's family because mine is far, far away (being awesome and loved and missed :)  

and to all of you: thank you and be well.



November 19, 2012  A Million Bucks

greetings, greetings!  i know it has been a while.  i know that some of you are getting an email for the first time, and i'm really working hard at getting clear about what i need to be doing to actually build a relationship with you guys and not just passively hope for the best.  i've been passively hoping for the best for way too long, and a lot of things are coming together and the path is, well, visible, accessible, and downright inviting :)  i won't try to share everything via email, but i will be posting stories and insights and vulnerabilities on my website (on a more regular basis, i swear to you! :)  i feel like it's part of my job to share those things that you always hear you're not supposed to share in the day and age of internet image and always appearing like a million bucks even when you only feel like twenty. 

i had a big breakthrough the other night, sitting around with a few friends and loved ones and a guitar.  one friend was playing, and excited to share several songs with us, instead of a play one and pass kind of thing.  and though i was really excited to play too i found myself waiting quietly for the guitar to be offered to me, and assuming that since it wasn't people obviously didn't want to hear me...  and thatopened the door to all kinds of insights about my beliefs about asking for attention, and why it is so hard for me, and maybe for others too!  more about that
HERE :) 

SO:  i am feeling the need for connection with YOU GUYS!  and also for some musical reviews...... :)  from whomever would like to participate i am asking for:

1) your favorite three
shawnee kilgore songs (non-cd songs are totally fair game, explanations optional :) and
2) some sort of musical review of me, be it album review, song review, performance, or overall.

for participating i will send you an email of my super duper gratitude, along with the stories of the songs you chose, and any behind the scenes interesting stuff about them, and for my favorite reviews i will make and send you a special cd of them! :)  

you all are appreciated greatly, and i vow to be better at showing it.

here's to the first day of the rest of our lives :)



October, 31, 2012  Painter's Overalls and Possessed Nuns is good.  i'm in painters' overalls finishing trim in the bathroom while my sweetie is upstairs finishing up the recording of a country song about possessed nuns after our spooky stories and songs party last night.  tomorrow i'm off to meet up with a friend in new mexico and drive to L.A. for a big music conference weekend.  it's midnight and of course i'm not packed.....though i keep urging my sweetie to live a bit more here's to wine and banjos and the best bad nun puns i've ever heard ;)

we had a fantastic cd release party, thank you to jay at house wine and all who came out.  Austin Skyline is available for your listening and purchasing pleasure HERE!  :)  thank you as well for all the support that has been coming via the interwebs and telephones, etc.  we are so blessed and grateful!

another exciting piece of news is that will and i are both a part of Alyse Black's band playing at One World Theater on november 27th.  alyse is one of my favorite people in the world and soooooo talented!  it will be a night to remember!  tickets are available now :)

that's all for now, back to painting (i mean packing :)  i must say i felt quite happy this afternoon going into lowe's in my overalls for bathroom caulk.  it's just fun ;)

oh!  and speaking of fun.....  HEAR WILL'S NUN SONG  it's pretty fantastic :)

may everyone be well and happy!



october 10  awesome shows this week!

well, i've had my week of getting settled, after a truly wonderful tour.  always learning, always growing....i'm grateful for every opportunity, and the good folks i get to share a bit of time and space with along the way.  i actually got a little worried.....after so much time and energy spent anticipating my arrival home, i wasn't sure what i would do once it was over!  and then i remembered plenty of good things to be one tends to do....when sweeties and music are involved :)
Austin Skyline is here!  in my hands!  (well, it's sitting just a few inches away on the table :)  and it's AMAZING.....really and truly we have created a fine piece of work.  i want the world to hear it, one lovely pair of ears at a time (or several at a time....)
we are gearing up for two awesome shows this week:  
Whole Foods this coming Thursday, Oct. 13th, 8:00-10:00 pm
and our official CD RELEASE PARTY at House Wine this coming Saturday, Oct. 15th, 8:00-11:00 pm
 please come on out if you can, there are celebrations to be had!  :)  in the meantime, please have a listen!  

my continued and humbled gratitude,

september 17  homeward bound

it's a strange thing....that word home... people talk about their spirit animals and i've never really felt much of a kinship with any particular one, 'til i was on the texas coast and my sweetie's mom put a hermit crab in my hand.  ahhhhhh yes!  :)  

'tis true i am preparing to leave one home for another, or taking it with me....many ways to say it, though none will make it any easier on my mama!  bless her heart and i love her to pieces.  many others i will miss here too, but we can only be in one place at a time, and sometimes you just know where you're supposed to be.  

in some ways this has felt like the longest summer EVER (it's hard being away from your traveling musicians tend to know!), though now that it's ending it feels like the blink of an eye.  but, nothing to do but get ready and move forward.  yesterday i restored the air conditioning in my car, and everything i own will fit into it when i go!  (i tell you, the more stuff i get rid of the more i realize how little i actually need!  it feels really good :)   

my Austin Skyline Tour will kick off at The Book Fare Cafe monday evening at 6:00 and then i'm off!  please check out my tour calendar and send folks my way if you can :)  i'm SUPER excited about this cd, as i'm sure i've mentioned.....and also just excited about music and performance and magic and love....all the good stuff!   (last night i went straight from a vaudeville performance to writing a song with ryan stiles in the green room at the upfront theatre and closing the late show with the infamous masturbation singalong... sooooooo fun :)

life!  is a work in progress :)  have fun!

i hope to see y'all somewhere along the road.

love and blessings,


august 4  home sweet home II

 "what a long strange trip is has been" indeed.....

i was caught in my first real midwestern storm (which made me realize how few times in my life i have actually been afraid i was going to die!), felt like a bit of a celebrity in small town nebraska, and arrived home with an arm that was blistered from shoulder to wrist from the sheer heat of the sun through that good old driver's side window.  definitely a new experience for me, coming back to a town that i know so well after being gone for so long.  i noticed in, really noticed them.  memories, once so second nature, now darting to and fro like tadpoles across the pond of a past.  the slate finally washed clean giving things a chance to stand out against it....and really it's as simple as: here i am.  it's never going to be any more complicated than that.  i've had some confusing times the last few weeks and questions gone unanswered and really there's nothing to do but shrug your shoulders and go on.  keep focused and don't worry about the rest.  you will always make it wherever it is you call home.  we know what it feels like, and that's something we'll never lose.

that said.....Austin Skyline is being sent off to mastering this week, and i'll be damned if i don't have it in hand by august 27th (so that you who come to the beautiful Vartanyan Winery can have it in your hands too!  :)   i've never done pre-orders for a cd before, but i'm so excited about this one that i might have to!  and tonight is the Women's Open Mic Showcase at the Fairhaven Pub, where i will be in the midst of much beautiful talent from 8:00-11:00 pm :)

other than that my last announcement is that of a Shawnee Kilgore songbookwhich i have wanted to do for a very long time, in combination with some sort of Shawnee Kilgore diaries......i'm not exactly sure what it will look like yet, but i know that the spark of passionate inspiration is there.  and whatever else you may do in life, for god's sake follow the sparks of passionate inspiration!!!  here's a little taste of what may end up in my l'il book :)

"i once described a song by saying i could live and die there.  tonight i describe a song, three songs, my songs, by saying that i did.  i folded and unfolded, discovered, released, inhaled and exhaled, loved and listened in a wee little room full of every good and tangible thing i could want, and two people who had me captive.  there's no way i could've not been there, no way i could've not felt what i felt.  a whole slough of words: safe, happy, excited, overwhelmed, enchanted, empowered, whole, awed.  curled up on the floor, smiling, wide-eyed, well fed, sleepy, fingering the cord linking my ears to my future (with a gentleness truly meant for his face), and i wanted to fall asleep.....and just stay.  i wanted to weep, i wanted to laugh, i wanted to dance.  i'm in love with possibility, with electric guitar, with the atmosphere, with click tracks, with lamplight and eyelashes, black ink and black jeans, walk downs and 5th notes, warm air and water, bare feet and bared souls, closed eyes and wedding rings, fuck ups and thumb ups.  most of the time i didn't know which was which, it was all magic.  and there i was at the heart of it, my creative contents being mapped and navigated, string by string.  see what i can do.  see what i can be a part of.  see what happens when people come together."
                                                (~recording of This Mighty World, sept. 17, 2006)
whatever may come of this project it will be a bit of all my pieces, my whole, in love, with all of the aforementioned things and a world since then.

blessings to you, beautiful fans, beautiful people!

with love,


july 4  home sweet home 

coffee in bed, the tallest man on earth singing "love is all," a really sweet message from my mama about missing me more and more the closer i get to coming home.....

it's the fourth of july in texas!  and many other places ;)   

a chapter is coming to a close, and tomorrow morning i am heading back to the rain, where i will most likely freeze, but i'm ready.  my sweetie opened a fine bottle of port last night and we drank to the good things yet to come this summer... i am so blessed.  both where i've come from and where i am going.  i'm feeling much more at peace about the changes...they happen.  and we do what we can to drink our fill when we can.  nothing can stay the same, it's the very essence of life, and i embrace it.

so tomorrow i head north towards long pine, nebraska where i will play a show on friday at pine creek crossing.  nebraska's got charm...... and i think i remember something about long pine having some of the best water in the country...... my fond memories do include the billboard announcing "welcome to the middle of nowhere" :)  really a sweet little town (and cooler than texas.....of this i've been assured!)

after that it's home sweet home....i received a call from my boss a couple weeks ago after he saw a facebook post about my last show in austin, after deducing that it may in fact mean that i am heading back that way and would like to come back to work...... well, cheers to that!  i'm looking forward to the opportunity to see my little town with some new perspective for a spell, and appreciate it for what it is without taking it for granted.  the wonderful and witty william wallace (there really aren't many good descriptive words that start with "w"......) is coming to visit and we will be playing ahouse show on july 14th.  i'll post more details on that in the next few days, but for now it's off to a firework-less fourth of july celebration, which is JUST fine with me!  

blessings to everyone, on this (holi)day, and days to come :)



may 31  the gardener  

that's right, for better or worse i'm growing things!  (or i guess more accurately i'm just setting the stage and nature's doing the magical stuff ;)  painfully mocked by the mockingbird who destroyed my prized tomato....though i'm sure he enjoyed every luscious beak full!  good for him :)

i just wanted to drop a reminder that The Songbird Series at Flipnotics begins this wednesday (tomorrow :) at 8:00!   five lovely song-writing ladies in one room!  something a little bit special about that ;)  i know only a handful of you are in austin (including you miss special guest daisy!) but i didn't want to leave anyone out, and i think a little bird once told me that everyone knows someone in austin ;)

i also wanted to put out there that during the last week of june and the first week of july i will be en route back the much more temperate northwest, and if anyone along a northwestern bound route might be interested in hosting a house concerti would be excited for the chance to play for some folks on the way.  and chances are quite good i'll have the Austin Skyline ep packed up in the un-airconditioned car with me....  (another good reason for a house concert!  give me shelter from the swelter :)  my route is not settled yet, as i'm waiting for a few more rolls of the dice....  :)

wishing everyone a Very Happy Tuesday :)



may 18    june shows :)
good morning!  well....morning for me :)  i woke up to sweetly spoken sentiments from a lovely sleepy boy and a lazy cup of coffee in my new birthday mug (which is a nice change from the coffee in the car on the way to house painting in 90 degree weather ;)

i'm super excited about june!  lisa kettyle is presenting the songbird seriesat Flipnotics Coffeespace Cafe, which involves five lady songbirds every wednesday in june starting at 8:00.  i can't think of many things better than that (and i'm sure y'all can't either ;)  also on june 2nd i'm playing simplicity wine (7-10:00), and am absolutely overjoyed to have a special guest in town from none other than my hometown of bellingham.  miss daisy is an amazing gal and sings a mean harmony ;)  

other than that, i banged my head against the wall last night until we got a good take of the final song on austin skyline.  it's so easy to give easy, but so rewarding not to!  :)  so many demons and so many blessings, we must face and be open to both!  (that's for you william ;)

and gearing up for a shotgun road trip of sorts to atlanta, georgia tomorrow.  because?  because it's all about a good story ;)  

wish me luck!

love and gratitude,


may 6  happy birthday to me!  :)
yes.....somehow my mama's baby (and the baby under five older brothers at that!) has turned 29 :)  it's funny how you never catch up, but quite lovely indeed to become more comfortable in my own skin with every passing day.  that's all i'm striving for, continuing to "get better," as i do whole-heartedly believe is Life's natural course of action.  what an amazing thing to be a part of!  i am blessed, and grateful, and Happy as Can Be (and anything else i just try not to give too much attention to ;)

it has struck me recently that the entirety of human history has been People Making Things Happen.  that's it.  and then i thought "good lord that's bloody brilliant" and was reminded (again) of all the Things I Want to Make Happen, and all i really have to do is be very clear with myself about what those things are and my willingness to actually change things.  that can be really scary!  and if anyone else is like me they've spent a great portion of their lives afraid to actually make waves and be responsible for them.  what if what if what many "what if's"!  there is no set Way To Do Things; there is no set Way Things Are.  the world is exactly as we make it.  we have a canvas to paint on, let's paint!  (and let's do it from the inside out, not the other way around ;)

in more "official" news... work continues on the new ep, which i'm planning to have by the time i go back to washington in july.  (i will Make This Happen! ;)  a few shifts of(musical ;) events are keeping me here through june, of which i will post details as they come along.  i am in the process of writing another baby's lullaby for a couple with a very special's been such an amazing thing to be a part of!   and my sweetie, william wallace, is finally beginning work on an ep, which i will get to help out on.  (i've been listening to it in my head and trust me, it's fantastic!  :)   in photography news william is getting me a Super Sweet editing program for my birthday which i am Super Excited to put to good use!  i have prints availableat  

the garden has been watered, the coffee has been had, the gratitude has been shared.  which leaves only one thing:

wilco in houston, here we come!  :)

i love y'all so much,


march 24   madly in love
well well well....i've heard this about austin, how people show up and then realize a few years later that they do indeed live here and, well, they ain't leavin' any time soon!  i'm not sure when it happened, but it has.  some decisions seem so big (and difficult), but if you just live your life in the way that feels best, well, they tend to make themselves and you don't have to worry much about it.

needless to say i have fallen madly in love with (and in ;) this city and it's time to shine.  i will let myself be whatever it is i am, and i will give myself a chance to actually be what the rest of the world seems to keep assuring me that i am.  i have dreams, for sure, and if i'm lucky enough to have everyone else believe that they can happen, well who am i to not?  we all deserve that for ourselves, as scary as it may seem.  nothing wrong with being scared.

i very much enjoyed my first SXSW, tho took it very easy compared to some!  i played a bit myself, as well as backed up William Wallace and the Impromptus for several delightful outdoor shows.  we wound it down sunday at a "folk off" in a food trailer court on S 1st, where we all warmly expressed how we were surrounded by some of our very favorite people and musicians in the world.  we felt lucky; we are.  

me?  i'm making big plans.  gonna work on playing my way east and up the coast, then east again across the old atlantic, before heading back to bellingham for the summer.  best time to be there by far....(convenient that it's also the worst time to be in texas!  ;)  i'll keep y'all updated on shows and dates as they come, and ask for help if you know folks in the area that might want to come share some time and space with me.   

for now i'm still working on my new (short ;) record, Austin Skyline, taking photos, painting pictures, and being happy.

upcoming shows:

march 26th at  OPA! Coffee and Wine Bar  7-10 pm

april 7th at Simplicity Wine Bar  with William Wallace  7-10 pm

june 2nd at Simplicity Wine Bar  7-10 pm

thanks y'all so much for the love and support.  (what becomes of the song that no one hears? ;)



part II

that's what i get for waiting too long to write to y'all...too much to remember ;)

first, a correction: the saturday show at opa! has been postponed to a later date in april, yet to be determined.

and i've had a few cool things happen lately:

my song Hollow Road is being featured this week on 

and i had a favorable review of my song Maria Brown on Indie Artist and Band Critiques with Karl Louis (my part is right around the 21:30 mark ;)

plus i've finally set up a photo site at which i'm super excited about!  

thank god for art.

and for you.



february 24   recording this weekend! 
the time has come....i've spent the morning picking a banjo for the first time, and am quite enchanted with it..... tho i don't know if there's any way to keep my left arm from getting so tired!  the highlight of the record is going to be a lovely little surprise for a good friend back home, and it does involve a banjo ;)

february 10   new website :) 
well....a new website could count as news, certainly!  i'm definitely into doing the most i can with what i have (free is a nice incentive too.... and you should see how excited i get in the kitchen, treasure hunting through available ingredients.... ;)  so really that's that.  i'm a firm believer in doing what excites you, and i just enjoy being on this site more than "the other one."  so i shall let "the other one" go.  simple.  done.

february 10   austin skyline :)
a new Collection of Recorded Songs has been long overdue!  and now that i've realized eureka!!!!!  i am the one that makes the things i want to happen happen.... i'm going to make it happen!  again.  simple.  done.  i decided against "songs for strangely"....(though a fairly phenomenal collection of songs that is!  too many tho.....too many ;) and decided instead on "austin skyline," which will be (most of) the songs i've written since arriving in austin a few months ago.  man is this place good for that!  they're still coming, and recently in collaborative form with a few amazingly talented individuals.... and last night i really pushed new borders by not only writing a song in bar chords that i was able to properly identify (it's never too late to learn.....i will be the first to say) but being both delighted and distraught to find A# to be the last piece of the puzzle.  delighted that i found it, yet distraught over it trumping the Dreaded B as the Worst Chord Ever!  little did i know...... and little do i still know, of this i am certain.