Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Intuition and Mr. Slug

i think sometimes what makes intuition so hard to trust are the times we never really get to know if we made the “right” decision or not.  there’s no follow up, there’s no cosmic camera to flash you the scene of what would or wouldn’t have happened had you taken another path.  and we could really use that couldn’t we??  rarely are we lucky enough to receive a definitive confirmation of making “the right choice.”
no.  trust is trust (is trust is trust is trust is trust).  and the more we trust the easier it will become to trust.  this goes for the whole scale, from “life changing” to mundane.
i was coming home one night and when i pulled into the driveway saw that the recycling bins were still by the curb.  my first instinct was to go and get them, even though it was late and i could think of no earthly reason why they needed to come in then rather than in the morning, but i felt lazy leaving them and managed to let what should have been a split second decision get caught and turn into a conflict.  i grumpily ignored my intuition while i gathered my things and headed towards the house.  
i had stepped down on the concrete and done horrible things to a slug who was previously having what i expected was a pretty peaceful evening.
my mind said to me calmly, “it’s not always about you.” 
my goodness isn’t that a powerful thing to hear!  i certainly wasn’t being selfish that night, or setting out to do anyone (or any thing!) harm, but had i simply gone with my gut instinct without putting it in the Hot Seat of Reason and Rationality, i would have retrieved the recycling bins and taken the side path to the gate instead of the front path to the steps.  and mr. slug would have gone happily on with his peaceful evening.  
trust is trust (is trust is trust is trust is trust).  

Monday, March 5, 2012

Coffee Wisdom: Remain Flexible

i really do feel like i learn a lot from coffee.....from those quiet moments of absolute appreciation and affirmation of the joy it awakens, rather than just the perceived surrender to a bad habit.  if my coffee isn’t so good and strong and delicious that it makes me want to cry a little bit, i would rather do without it, and do.  not to say that i won’t go out of my way when i’m on the road to get a good cup of coffee....‘cause i will....but if it’s not available i have no desire to drink from a pot at the gas station.
this particular moment of wisdom came on a morning commute, like any other morning commute.  my ritual is to drink from my favorite cup in the world as much as possible, a yummy french press brew, and sometimes it makes it into the car with me if i haven’t finished it while getting myself ready.  and i like bringing my coffee in the car.  i feel like i’m drinking in the essence of the day around me with every sip, and when a good cd is in the player (or just good old silence) it can be really magical.  (every morning is, but it often goes unnoticed ;)
so, if one is to carry coffee in the car and not spill it all over themselves, you have to remain flexible.  you can’t hold that cup rigid and attempt to be stronger than the bumps in the highway.  you have to go with the flow, literally!  that is true strength.  the buildings that withstand earthquakes are the ones that can sway with the turbulence, not try to defy it.  
so be strong!  learn to bend and sway when it’s called for (you’ll know when it’s time to stand like a rock! ;)