Saturday, June 16, 2012

Do the Impossible

i’m sure we can all think of ten things right now that feel impossible for us to do.  we know they aren’t (for other people!) but our SELVES just can’t seem to step up to the plate.
i can’t look at people when i sing.  it’s the first thing that comes to mind.  and i’m still working on that one.  i’m definitely not writing to say that it’s something i’ve conquered; it’s not!
BUT!  there are other impossible things that i have done, and guess who it was that walked out the other side of it?  me.  no matter how much we change and learn and grow, it’s still us.  we’re not ever going to become someone else.  i think that both comforts and terrifies most of us ;)
i’m in a songwriter’s group that meets once a month.  we bring a song we’ve written based on a theme chosen at last month’s meeting, and we do some free-writing exercises that, let me tell you, still scare my pants off every time we do them.
the first time, we wrote without picking up our pencils on a chosen topic for a chosen number of minutes and then we took turns reading aloud.  but before each of us read there was a whole lot of “woah, this is weird,” “i don’t know where this came from,” “i have no idea what i just wrote,” “this is really bad,” etc.  and i honestly faced one of my biggest fears EVER in challenging everyone to make absolutely no disclaimers before we read.  we were all in the same boat; no one was claiming to be a genius!
and what i thought was impossible became a simple habit in a matter of minutes.  just like that.  from then on we haven’t wasted any more time on disclaimers.  
i challenge YOU to make no disclaimers in your life, especially in your creative endeavors!  people will see/hear/understand you (or not!) in their own way, and honestly, i think there’s a beauty in that that gets compromised when we say less-than-amazing things about ourselves and what we’re putting forth into the world.  people will decide for themselves, and sometimes it’s the hardest thing to just stand back and let them.
do the hardest thing; do the impossible!